About I am a Pharmacist

I am your most accessible healthcare provider
I am a driving force behind discovering new medicines
I am the key that unlocks all you need to know about your medicines
I am with you in sickness and in health

I am a Pharmacist

These key points form the premise behind the FIP Project I am a Pharmacist.  This project was developed in response to several stimulating factors, the most significant of which was to create more pride, solidarity and awareness around the profession of pharmacy on a global level in a unique and current medium.

As such, FIP is has officially launched I am a Pharmacist  by recording and publishing our inaugural I am a Pharmacist videos of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists making a difference all around the world.

This, however, is only the beginning! We are calling on pharmacists from all over the world to record videos of yourselves in your workplace and upload them to YouTube. The videos are meant to showcase you individually yet as part of the whole profession, highlighting special experiences, initiatives, contributions to communities and, most importantly, the IMPACT you have had on co-workers, healthcare and especially patients.

Record your own video for us and tell the world that you are a pharmacist too!