The FIP Centennial Congress welcomes you!


Join colleagues from all over the world at the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) World Centennial Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The chance to network and connect with pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientitsts from every corner of the globe is yours at the FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The FIP Congress is the leading international event offering diverse learning opportunities for those active within all areas of pharmacy.


In 2012, FIP will celebrate its 100 year anniversary and as such will host the FIP Centennial Congress, taking place 3-8 October in Amsterdam, The Netherlands – the home country of FIP since it’s beginning. This Congress will not only be a unique opportunity for FIP to make a significant step in the fulfilment of our Vision and Mission, as adopted by FIP Council in 2008, but will be a turning point for the profession on a global level – all present will set the stage for the future on a foundation of 100 years of progress.


The Centennial will offer all participants an invaluable venue for enriching their career while at the same time participating in events and decisions that will steer the future of pharmacy and healthcare around the world.
The main theme of the Centennial is Improving Health Through Responsible Medicines Use, a theme that calls on pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists to take their place as leaders in the healthcare team and do their part to usher in a new era of healthcare on a global scale. The theme will be supported by a world-class programme of expert speakers, symposia, workshops and posters that will bring together participants from diverse areas of pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical science.